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Guild Wars 2

September 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Yes I’m back 🙂

Sorry I was gone so long. Part of the reason is summer vacation with the kids. The other reason is Guild Wars 2 rocks and I’ve finally came up for air…

This review sums up my feelings very well:

The game feels like Elder Scrolls to me (which also has an online game coming out). I’ve always had two issues with games like that and World of Warcraft:

  • I want to play the game with other people
  • I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. Just don’t always have the time to get my money out of it.

Guild Wars 2 has set a high bar and solves both issues where these other games only could solve one. It will be interesting to see how Elder Scrolls goes, but I’m not leaving GW2 anytime soon.

I will post regularly again. Honest. 🙂

Drync and Wine Log Pro

I like Wine! So I need a good app to track my wine, let’s chat about what I have been using:

Wine Log Pro

Wine Log Pro

I’ve been using this for years. It was renamed not that long ago for the next app I’m going to blog about shortly. It allows you to search their database (or enter your own wine if you can’t find it) and very nicely write down everything about it: A public and private description, year, style, rating and do you want\own\drink it yet, etc.

It’s search function was slow, but I’ve used this for a while and it has worked well for me.

Now it has been replaced and I don’t like it.



So the last app was called Drync but it was renamed and the name given to this app.

It’s a nicer interface to be sure, but the focus of the app seems to be selling you wine instead of tracking it. There are some tracking features to be sure, but the nice thing about the last app is that I could track what was currently in my wine cellar so I knew what I might need if I’m out at the store. Heh, maybe that’s why they took it away.

Anyway, it’s free to me since I brought the first app and I downloaded and quickly removed it. Yes it does import my wine reviews, but a lot of the tracking features I cared about are gone.

Here’s a hint to Drync LLC, if you take away features from your app, you are going to tick someone off. It’s just a few little things that would have been easy for you to add. Should have been easy.

So I guess this is more of me b*tching. Sorry about that. Guess I’ll look for another app.

Can’t Vote for Crazy

I’m finishing up a game review, but here’s a link to enjoy.

Solving Sickness 2000 Years Ago

Funny home moment, hopefully you didn’t ‘have to be there’ to like it.

So my kids don’t go to church so they only have a high level understanding of Christian myths. They saw Ben Hur for the first time this weekend. They enjoyed the movie but had questions at the end. They really didn’t know the details about how Jesus died. So at the end of the movie they were asking about the cross, why he was nailed to it, etc.

(Do I need to give a spoiler alert on Ben Hur? Hopefully not, classic movie.)

Anyway, at the end Jesus dies and Ben Hur’s mom and sister are magically cured of leprosy at the time of his death and my kids are having a WTF moment.

Son: Wait, how were they cured?

Me: I guess Jesus cured them at his death.

Son (Mocking): Why don’t people just keep killing Jesus every time he comes back and use that to heal the sick?

I just lost it. Sorry if the moment is lost over the Internet…

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Happy Easter!

God or no God, enjoy the holiday with your family!

Blogging re-starts after the weekend…

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New Posts Soon

I’ll be starting up again shortly. My older son is starting a blog as a writing project, so I’ve been showing him the ‘ins and outs’. 🙂

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Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

So, I’ve played a few rounds of this game and let me give you some pluses and minuses:


1) Great Atmosphere: With the minis and the tile board it captures the full game very well. It really scratches the D&D itch.
2) Nice Intro to 4e rules: a few rounds of this game and my 12 year old will be ready to go to the full game. Even my 9 year old is getting better with the rules.
3) Game likely plays in under 90 mins


1) Be ready to interpret the rules a bit: Like Full D&D, the rules can be a little gray on how, for example, how a spell works, how a trap affects the group, etc.
2) Bad Cards: Some of my cards curled as soon as I opened them. They are still playable, but this can point to a problem during the treating process of the cards.

Overall 8.75 out of 10. See the video below for more detailed review.