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Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

So, I’ve played a few rounds of this game and let me give you some pluses and minuses:


1) Great Atmosphere: With the minis and the tile board it captures the full game very well. It really scratches the D&D itch.
2) Nice Intro to 4e rules: a few rounds of this game and my 12 year old will be ready to go to the full game. Even my 9 year old is getting better with the rules.
3) Game likely plays in under 90 mins


1) Be ready to interpret the rules a bit: Like Full D&D, the rules can be a little gray on how, for example, how a spell works, how a trap affects the group, etc.
2) Bad Cards: Some of my cards curled as soon as I opened them. They are still playable, but this can point to a problem during the treating process of the cards.

Overall 8.75 out of 10. See the video below for more detailed review.


Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon


Well, something new to try. 🙂

So I tried to intro my kids into D&D with mixed results. My kids were around 8 and 11 when we tried.

  • Using Dungeon Mapp with the IPad on the TV worked well.  Using it to keep the hit points was OK at best, because I don’t like to make that public.  Also it could use more graphic options, but for the price it worked great.
  • The downside was my kids invited other kids their age to play.  My wife and another adult played as well, but I didn’t feel it really worked out.  Too many kids.
  • I tried to scale it back to my wife and my kids.  I think that might work at some point, but I can’t trust my sons (certainly not the younger) to keep track of spells used, etc.  Just too much record keeping at this point.  I think my older son is ready, but I can’t focus on him and my younger to keep things straight.  This is something I can DM around, but I’d like for them to learn.
  • I’m going to try and figure something out in the summer, until then I picked up Wrath of Ashardalon.

I think this might solve a number of issues…

  • I think this will give me the structure needed to keep things in control.
  • The watered down version of D&D 4e will show them the ropes of record keeping a bit more.
  • I can play on the kids ‘team’ and have fun that way.

I never thought I’d buy a D&D board game (just play the real thing), but I think this might work out.  I’ll do a review later.

Review: Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire

Romulan WarBird

Finally played with the Romulans. 🙂

I’ve talked quite a bit about Fleet Captains. It is a nice two player game that is playable for 4. So what does the Romulans add?

Simply put, it adds a 3rd (or a 6th player if you follow the rules of two players running each faction) player to the game. The Romulan ships are very nice and didn’t come broken like some of the ships in the orginal game.

BGG Photo

On top of the ships, the main thing the game adds is a new set of Mission Cards just mostly for the Romulan player: Espionage I must say that the Missions really capture the spirit of the Romulans who are always sneaking around.

Everything else is two tons of chips and cards to support the new player. 🙂

From a rules point of view, there was very little the game added. The Romulans have the ability to add saboteurs to the crew of ships, which can mess up the other player(s). Also those ships, that are able, can cloak by giving up 5 movement points instead of an action if they wish and that is a plus. It was a very seamless addition.

Down side: The game does give some more tiles (10) to make a bigger board, but you really need more for a 6 player game. The recommended board for 3 players is a little too small. You have enough tiles to make this a little bigger board, but my feel is for 6 players you need more.

Long story short: If you like the game, get it! Can we have the Borg next please???

Legendary (Review)

So this is a first of a number of game\app reviews I have coming out of the Xmas holidays. Legendary is a game I talked about here.

The game is basically Ascension with a few twists:

  • Instead of having one big deck there are two which you need to build before the game: One of the Villians (the ‘red’ cards in Ascension) and one with the Heros (‘white’ cards in Ascension).
  • You are both playing against each other and the game. The Villians can win, in which case everyone loses. If the Heros win, then everyone gets a team win and the player with the highest victory point total gets the Individual win.
  • The game can vary quite a bit. The Heros, Villians, Master Villian and his evil plot changes each game. This gives each game a much different feel. So it is less like Ascension this way and more like Dominion.
  • The thing I like the least is the setup time. You need to build two decks of cards which takes a little time. More than I would usually want to for a game that’s likely to be 30-60 mins.  I assume this will go quicker as I play this game a bit more.

Clearly the person who created this game looked at Marvel Heroes and took some of the better ideas (like the whole Master Villan bit).

Also the cards are made by Uppper Deck (who make trading cards) and they are of a good quality. The art is really nice.

So do I like it? I give it a very solid 8.5 out of 10. For me, that puts this game ahead of Ascension (which I play a lot on my IPad), but behind Dominion.


Marvel Legendary

October 24, 2012 1 comment

First, sorry for the long time between posts. My work schedule has changed and I’m trying to figure out when I can do things in my life. I had to stay up until the middle of the night to post this. Partly because this looks cool and partly it will force me to figure out when to do this besides the middle of the night.

Check out this game:

Super Heros and Ascension? Yea, I’ll get this.

Hopefully it will do better than Marvel Heros.

Marvel Heros

Lots of cool ideas in this game, but the rules never really quite worked out. I want to give this game another spin however.

Anyway, I don’t pre-order many boardgames, but this might be the expection. I’m really pumped for this and hope it plays half as nice as Tom says (because he is usually overly positive).

Still, looks good. Art is good. I’m there.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Star Trek: Fleet Captains - Romulan Empire

Yep, the game is on pre-order. 🙂

Star Trek: Fleet Captains is a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to get it to the table to play but life is getting in the way with my kids back in school. Maybe this weekend I can get a game in.

I have a number of posts about this game and one of my worries is a number of ships in the box were damaged in the original game. My hope is that Wizk!ds has that fixed this time around.

Munchkin is (Mostly) Evil

OK, that might be a bit over the top, but I saw this video on Geek and Sundry and I had to take my shots at Munchkin…

So before I start ripping Munchkin, let me start by praising it. Munchkin is a funny game. It makes fun of Dungeons and Dragons, so if you played that game, you will get a big laugh out of this. It can be a fun game. So now what’s wrong with Munchkin:

1) Someone usually gets screwed: See how much fun Sandeep had that game? Stuck with bad cards and just wasting his time. That happens to someone in most of the games. That might be OK, if the game is quick, but….

2) Maybe people I know are REALLY good at messing with other players, but this game is 1.5 hours at least. This is a classic bash the leader game. If you are the lucky person to try to win when everyone is out of cards to stop you, then great. Otherwise this can turn into a slow grind.

Sadly many of Steve Jackson’s games are like this: Cute and usually Funny, not enough focus on play testing to get over major flaws in the game. It’s a fun game to play from time to time and that’s about it. People I know will move on to a more well rounded game. If you want to read some other reviews check out the forum on BoardGameGeek.

If you like it, good for you! It’s a cash cow for Jackson, but it’s not for me (and quite a few others), that’s for sure.