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Who’s that Knocking on my Door?

So today, I had some Christians knock at my door to chat with me. I’d like to say they were Jehovah Witnesses’ but they never told me. They did have a magazine, but it wasn’t a ‘Watchtower’ magazine, so I’m not sure.

Anyway, I wasn’t looking to get ‘into it’ with them; it was hot and they were easily into their late 60s. To be honest, I felt bad for them. Going out door to door in the summer is not for the elderly. However, they were insistent and I either had to close then door on them or talk to them. I had about 30 mins to kill, so I figured ‘why not’.

She started out with talking about all the evil in the world today. I let her go on for a bit. At this point I wasn’t sure if I wanted to chat with these folks or not. I tried to say that I wasn’t very religious and leave it at that. However, that comment really opened up the flood gates with her. I gave my religious background and stated that I’m an Atheist today.

So that got into a talk about Morals and Science. In order of how the topics came up: I told them that I could raise moral kids without God, that the Earth was older than 6000 years, that evolution is a fact and that Noah’s flood didn’t happen. Sadly, at least as far as this blog post, they didn’t have a snappy answer for anything… Nothing about all Morals come from God and not much challenge about science. They did try the old ‘if we evolved from apes then why are apes still here?’. Happily I had my IPad on me, so I could flip to Dawkins ‘The Magic of Reality’ and show them some quick pics. 🙂 I also had to look up the definition of the word ‘faith’ for them, since they didn’t want to believe that it means ‘believe without proof’.

What really got me is when I started attacking the Bible, the answers they gave was just… disgusting.

I started with the Bible’s treatment of women; about how if a woman is raped, they should marry their rapist and pay a fine for damages to the father. (Deuteronomy 22) They told me that the Bible treated women just fine and well, that was just their culture. I went after that idea quickly. Why didn’t God offer death if you raped a women (he did for most other things)? He’s God, right? He can change their culture easily via his laws. Why not make that one of his commandments? Again, no answer to that one.

But really it went downhill from here, because the talk got into why would God order infanticide as well as killing women when Israel fought against other cities? (I Samuel 15 for example) What followed was two women trying to justify the killing of babies to me. Honest!

1) First they tried to tell me that the kids were at fault. That didn’t hold water long.
2) Then I was told that these babies would cause trouble at some future date. How they would know they came from some other city they couldn’t say.
3) Then I got that the parents were dead, so who would take care of them? How about the Israelites? More kids means bigger future armies.
4) Well, they said, God sent bears to kill kids who made fun of Elisha’s bald head. So it must be OK for God to do it. (II Kings 2)

At this point I was done. I told them that they started this talk about evil in the world and what can we do to stop it? Well, I submit that your God is much more evil then what humans try to do in most cases. We look down on killing babies. Your all powerful God does not. I have nothing more to talk to you about. I wished her a good day and told her to keep hydrated because it was hot out.

While it was fun, it was also disappointing. Clearly this woman knew her dogma and every Bible story big and small, but didn’t really have much defense of her faith. When questioned, she would try to jump to another topic and not really try to support her views. Better luck next time I guess…


The GOP and Tea Party Gets Ugly

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

These jerks need to cheer to a dying man not getting medical help. Really?

Look, the question was silly in a way. Many people can’t afford health care without getting a job and that’s not easy these days.

The GOP didn’t like Obama’s ‘death panels’? The Tea Party IS a death panel. Very Christian of you guys. Jesus would be proud.

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If Reagan was Alive he would Kick these Guys in the @ss

I am a Reagan Republican. There are a lot of people today who doesn’t know what that means and that this debate was held in his library is just… sad.

Reagan knew how to deal to get things done. He knew that he had to push the far right to the side and govern from the middle.

Most of these people on the stage tonight are just bat-shit crazy. Cutting taxes with no way to pay for it, not raising taxes when the country needs the money and trying to pass off that the science on global warming is not settled.

Happily, I think once the dust settles that Obama can beat most of these guys in a two horse race. These front runners: Rick Perry, Michele Backmann and Mitt Romney don’t have a shot I think (hope) on a national level. I don’t need GW Bush part II.

Jon Huntsman attacking the anti-science movement is a step in the right direction. Heck, even Newt Gingrich sounds good next to some of these folks.

And I don’t think Obama has done a great job and I would like to see a good option, but I don’t think the GOP is going to give me one.