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Win Money!

OK, life is letting me get back to my blog. To start, why don’t you win some money…

Losing the Faith

I talked briefly about losing my faith at the start of this blog. I can’t say I was ever as deep into being a Christian as other folks. The logical side of my brain just fought against it too much. Still it took me a long time to really make that mental jump to say out loud ‘This REALLY makes no sense. I am an Atheist.’

Knowing that mental block, I really find stories of people who struggled out of their faith really interesting.

Seth Andrews at The Thinking Atheist has a book I’m likely to download someday: Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason

Also, anyone who has not seen it, the series: Why I am no longer a Christian by Evid3nc3 is just a gripping video series that I loved. Below is one of the first videos and is where the series really gets moving:

Maybe someday I’ll talk about my life more, but my story is just not that interesting…

Being an Atheist during Xmas (Repost)

The Thinking Atheist reposted a video about Xmas, so I thought I would repost it as well, since I had an old link to it.

More soon, just getting slammed for the holidays…

Being an Atheist during Xmas

No doubt I (and other Athiests) will get a few question on why we have Xmas trees, etc. For me, it’s just a time to celebrate family. There is no need to add superstition or today modern myths on God to enjoy it. This video did a good job of showing that if you go back in time, you will see that Xmas has nothing to do with God and, like many religions, just borrowed ideas from other myths that predated it.

The Pale Blue Dot (Try 3)

November 24, 2011 1 comment

Hopefully this one stays up. Sorry, the author of the video keeps pulling it to make corrections. Hopefully he will leave it alone now. It’s a good video and worth the wait. 🙂

The Pale Blue Dot (Try 2)

November 23, 2011 2 comments

Everyone wanted Sagan’s voice in the video, so he redid it.

The Pale Blue Dot

November 23, 2011 1 comment

An excellent remake by The Thinking Atheist

For those in the USA, enjoy the holiday.