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Reason Rally

Well, I’m back from vacation and a lot has gone on. I’m not going to recap 2 week-ish worth of stuff, but I will post this video from Thunderf00t from the Reason Rally which seems to have gone off well from everything I heard. Enjoy! More to come soon.


David Silverman on the Magic Sandwich Show

Hey, David Silverman will be on The Magic Sandwich Show. Past shows are here.

I’m not a big fan of the Show. I like all the people on it, but it rails on wayyyy too long. Still, I’m sure they will be talking about the Reason Rally.

If you are wondering about the show’s name, watch below. In short DonExodus below says that he has a sandwich that will fix cancer and it just go off from there…

Reason Rally!

So the Reason Rally is happening on March 24th on the National Mall. I don’t know if life will allow me to go, but I’m looking into it. I’m sure it will piss off Fox News. Should make it fun just for that!